Guide to Buying your Property

Buying a property is an important and valuable financial investment decision you make. It is essential to have an experienced and knowledgeable agency partner at your side to help guide you through the process. Freehold properties that can be owned by foreigners and all details in the blog below.

Here at Steps Real Estate, we have a designated sales team to best assist you with your requirements and hand you a property where your money will be well spent, and you’ll gain an estate for a lifetime.  

In 2004 the state of Qatar expanded the reach of purchasing property, allowing non-Qatari citizens to purchase property in particular regions of Qatar on a Freehold or Leasehold Ownership basis.  


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Freehold Purchase    

Where purchasing a property grants you a residency in Qatar which can be extended to family members as well for the entire duration of property ownership. When purchasing the property Owner will have the title deed, the land, and the structure.  


Areas of Freehold Purchase Include: 

  • The Pearl  
  • West Bay Lagoon  
  • Lusail  

Leasehold Purchase 

Where it is mandatory that the original owner of the property agrees to transfer sponsorship to their property. In turn, once the property has been transferred to you it acts as a sponsor, guaranteeing a sponsorship for a period of ownership. Buyers from overseas that are non-Qatari residents should obtain a Qatari visa prior to purchasing the property.  


Areas of Leasehold Purchase Include: 

  • Musheireb (Area #13) 
  • Frij Abdul Aziz (Area #14) 
  • Doha Jadeed (Area #15) 
  • Ghanem Al Qadeem (Area #16) 
  • Al Rifa Al Hitmi (Area #17) 
  • Al Salata (Area #18) 
  • Bin Mahmoud (Area #22) 
  • Bin Mahmoud (Area #23) 
  • Rawdat Al Khail (Area #24) 
  • Al Mansoura & Bin Dirham (Area #25) 
  • Najma (Area #26) 
  • Umm Ghuwailina (Area #27) 
  • Al Khulaifat (north and south) (Area #28) 
  • Al Sadd (Area #38) 
  • New Mirqab & Al Nasser (Area #39) 
  • Doha International airport (Area #48) 
  • Al Dafna & Onaiza & Al Qitar (Area #60 & 61 & 63) 
  • Al Kharaij & Jebel Thiya (Area #69 & 70) 

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