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Beachfront Living and Amenities 

The precinct is famous for its 2 km long private beach, with direct access to the waterfront and many different water sports activities. The residential properties are added to by Avicenna Towers, which came in the form of two high rise towers connected with each other and totaling 24 floors, housing 480 residential units including studios, lofts, luxury apartments, townhouses and penthouse houses. 

Tranquil Environment and Lifestyle 


Viva Bahriya serves as a perfect destination for families and people who desire to stay away from the pandemonium. It's even more relaxed when compared to neighboring districts yet still it gives people a lot of leisure activities and culture. A lake at the beachfront combined, and the Viva Centrale resort serve as a remedy to the noise of the city. 


Architectural Diversity and Design 


The architectural diversity of Viva Bahriya is evident in five different Latin and African styles, which creates an attention-grabbing and fascinating attention environment. The richness of this variety is not only increasing the area's appeal but also turns it into the image of attractive modern living on the medium of international residential style. 


To conclude, Viva Bahriya is definitely "a tranquil oasis" in the midst of The Pearl-Qatar, combining "sophisticated seafront living" with its own distinct "style and appeal through the blending of architectural styles" as well as family-focused facilities and excellence in hospitality while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere.