Abraj Bay


The evolution of the Abraj Bay Coast begins with a dream that goes beyond mere architecture and touches life’s essence. While under the leadership of His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, Qatar underwent a transition, directing the objectives of Qatar National Vision 2030. The country began to combine connections of the past and the present while targeting where people in the community would live and grow all the while creating a model that promotes their dreams.  


The Pearl-Qatar: A Priceless Asset of Our Time and Future  

Abraj Bay is not only a residential complex of high end special houses, it is actually the perfect creation made into the center of The Pearl-Qatar. Here’s why it stands out:  


1.  Height and Grandeur  

Feel as if you are Ambrasal Dan the godfather, standing at the base of this building, cradling your neck defiantly to take in its soaring silhouette. Can you imagine this architectural work at 495 feet, which boosts itself to the sky with confidence? The urban residence is home to 38 levels of thoughtful individuals craving more than just a place to live. These arbiters of style pack the community for an upscale living.  


2.  The Abraj Quartier  


 Imagine wealthy people who are able to truly pamper themselves beyond measure. They indulge in all sorts of luxurious activities, where it is a natural birthright for them.  


Abraj Bay is in a zone of The Pearl-Qatar, called Abraj Quartier, referred to as "Tower Grid". This area attracts the best luxury apartments of Qatar. Each tower possesses a unique architecture likely having stories behind them. Here, life blossoms while gazing at the sky, lagoons, and foliage – a place that promotes creativity and serenity.  



3. Resort-Style Living Redefined  


Abraj Bay represents the real purpose of where it is located. Paint yourself getting out of bed and opening the curtains to reveal the mesmerizing Arabian Gulf in front of you—a picture that inspires you when you see it change its colors with the rising of the sun. The marinas are colorful, similar to the Mediterranean Riviera, providing shelter for the rows of luxurious yachts, inviting you to sail way into the faraway blue. Our residents enjoy the privilege of having the most beautiful beaches in the world within their immediate vicinity. The spaciousness of the swimming beaches and the silence that reigns is what people love most here.  


4. Upgrading Fixtures and Finishes to the Level of Luxury  


When you have opened the door to your Abraj Bay home, you will be able to see that everything was cautiously planned. Such as that spotless set of lights that beautifully play with our eyes, to those flawless wears that project an aura of sophistication, nothing has been done at cross purposes. The kitchens are cooking temples, the bathrooms; healing springs and the living rooms; the sleep prisons.  


5.  Smart Living, Shocking Experience  


Abraj Bay is interlaced with technology as if it were a natural halo around a moon. Visualize the fact that you are in charge with just touching your smartphone. Get a variation of temperatures, too, change the lighting, or even call for coffee all from the comfort of your couch. Smart living is not an empty phrase here, it is its own life.  


Your Journey Begins  


While you take in the scenery of the landscaped gardens and walk your way to the infinity pool that is connected to the lobby teeming with contemporary art, you conceive Abraj Bay as more of a resort than a residence. Togetherness is seen in public places, kids run happily towards the playgrounds with their parents, and neighbors develop close relationships. All days now feel like a holiday- a story of our own creation- of victory, prosperity, pleasure and satisfaction.  


Welcome to Abraj Bay Where the dreams are shaped, and imagination comes to life as reality.